We found some pretty cool videos that show off the capabilities of Google's new voice search functionality they debuted on the Nexus 7. It's called Google Now Voice and is a standard feature of Jelly Bean. As you will see in the videos, the product is very polished and does not fail to impress. In fact, we have seen several reports across the web stating Google Now has the first natural-sounding voice for mobile devices. The above video is an 8 minute demo from the folks at AndroidCommunity, and the videos below were taken from YouTube by a video blogger.

It's exciting to see technology that was once only in the realm of Sci-fi coming to life before us. And very soon we will be able to use this on our very own Nexus 7 tablet!

These are great videos and really showcase just how far Google is taking this technology. From most of the reports we have culled across the internet the general consensus is that Google Now Voice is a superior product to Apple's Siri, although they both still have some room to grow. Star Trek style voice communication with our technology can't be too far away.

Source: Android Community and YouTube