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It's hard to fathom what Google's next plan is with the Nexus smartphone line. The next Nexus smartphone can't be called the Nexus 7 because they used that before for their first Android tablet. Of course, they seem to have carved out a fairly strait-forward naming convention, by simply matching up the size of the display with the number of the device (mostly).

With this numeric scheme, that basically relegates any Nexus numbered devices at 6 or below to smartphones, while anything larger would obviously be a tablet. Of course, it's also possible Google might ditch the numeric naming altogether and head in a different direction. Since we are speculating about Nexus devices, we might as well share the latest rumor regarding Google's Nexus series. Supposedly, the next Nexus smartphone from Google will be made from a Chinese manufacturer instead of the usual bunch: (LG, HTC, Samsung, etc.)

If true, this would push the next Nexus toward either Xiaomi, Huawei, or Lenovo. Of course, if it is Lenovo, then it might just be another Motorola device since they own them now. What do you guys think of this if true, and who would you like to see run with the Nexus ball next?

Source: PhoneArena

Article by: dgstorm