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If you are anything like me then you weren't about to wait several months for Verizon to take their time releasing the Nexus 6. I bought the unlocked version directly from Motorola the day that it came out! As soon as it was confirmed that the Nexus 6 was compatible with the Verizon network, there were also corresponding reports that Verizon would not activate those devices. The only way to activate the unlocked version is to use an existing sim card that has already been activated. If yours is the right size you are good to go, if not you will have to figure out how to cut it down or you could buy a converter to make it larger.

The thought was that once Verizon came out with their own variant of the device they would go ahead and activate the unlocked variants as well. If are able to get your Nexus 6 activated it will show up in Verizon's system as a "Non-VWZdevice". Verizon reps won't be able to help you with changing your plan, give you a sim card, or make any other changes to your account as long as your sim card is outside of a recognized device. You also may not be able to get in on any kind of discounts while you sim is in the unlocked nexus 6.

via AndroidPolice

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