Hi everybody, I am Paul.
I bought my Nexus7 4 weeks ago and LOVE it!!
But I do have a problem. I bought an OTG lead from Amazon UK and a (allegedly) very quick 32G usb stick. I put a lot of films onto it, in MP4 format of course and plugged it into the tablet, using NMI.
All the films show up, along with photos and docs I put on there to test. I can download the films with no problem, and they play with the bundled player, but when I tried to stream the vidoes, they did not play properly; the video kept jumping and the audio also. On advice from a venerable member of this site, I have been trawling through posts, and other sites, to find a better player that WILL stream. I have tried Mobo, MX Player, BSplayer, Vplayer and Dice player.

The last two were a lot better, with the video running quite well, but the audio kept jumping.

What am I doing wrong? Does any else have this problem? Anybody recommend a player that will work?

I do not want to root the tablet.