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Thread: Device Noise

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    Device Noise

    Does anyone know why my nexus 7 makes the same noise as the near field come/android beam, when my debit card wallet I'm new to forums this is my first, who sees it?how do I know if sum1 has seen it. Help me please, I need a tech mentor would any of you be willing to help me?
    I am a gp and would be happy to be sum1s interpreter/advisor on medical queries.
    If anyone interested. Contact me via PM.
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    How can I upload my photos on my HTC des x to my n7 don't understand clouds there's 400 of em but Bluetooth won't work,
    How do I use my old desire s as a hidden camera CCTV inside how do I set it up to remote view.

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    Clouds are easy. Dropbox,,, Google Drive, etc.
    All are methods of storing and retrieving documents, photos, etc to and from various devices.
    An app for the android device, and a program for the computer at all that are needed.

    Phone as Web cam?
    Try here for a few ideas....

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    Welcome to the site. Hope you've found answers.

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