This is pretty much the last attempt to fix my nexus 10 without cracking it open and replacing parts myself. The screen activation seems to be faulty and every once in a long while it will not respond to touch whatsoever. I have read problems about registry but this is a different problem altogether. I used to have a lock screen so I could not even unlock my device. Currently I do not but the result is the same; I cannot use the device at all. This problem comes and goes. Sometimes it is just inconvenient and other times it will not register touch for weeks. Eventually it works without a hiccup like it should, except for when it seemingly decides to not work.

Per chance is there anything else I can do? I have gone through all tbe troubleshooting tips, all the way down to factory resets more than a few times.

If this cannot be resolved, what are the steps to figure out which part I need and how to get said part? I did call samsung and having them fix it for $350 is not an option. I rather buy a nexus 7 gen 2