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Thread: Is It About Time That I Should Consider Upgrading?

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    Is It About Time That I Should Consider Upgrading?


    Have been with Nexus 4 since early 2014 and it served well until recently. I am wondering whether it is worthwhile to upgrade to Nexus 5, 6 or consider other brands on the market. Today the majority of smartphones although are strong, they have big screens for me. I am looking for a screen size of up to 5 inches with stronger battery, 2GB RAM, GPS, OTG compatibility and a better camera than low quality that Nexus 4 has. Nexus smartphones are good but I would prefer to try other brands.

    The reasons I want to upgrade are that I have some bugs, slowdowns and restarts every few days. I have noticed that the more Nexus 4 stays in uptime, the slower it gets which later follows by restart. There were cases when I am called and phone gets slow that it is impossible to even turn off screen or do anything. Often after restarting there is no cellular network and I have to scan and register network that I am subscriber of. I also observed faster than normal battery drain on Nexus 4 (asked about it here) and noticed about process that causes CPU spikes which I posted about here.

    What would you suggest? I heard Xiaomi offers quality at best price but one of their models is reported to emit higher radiation. Is it true? I would really stick to major brands on the market than Chinese brands because I believe I will get proper support and long service from their product.


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    I upgraded from my N4 to the took me a little while to get used to the size...but I like it.
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