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    Google Nexus 6: Still No Data/Talk on Verizon Since 5-10

    My nexus 6 LTE and data went out on my 64gb Google Nexus 6 on the way back from Charlotte to Raleigh Sunday.
    Verizon has not been able to get it to work, I bought another phone while trying to get Google to refund my money
    for a 40 day old phone. They first stated there was a 30 day refund, as I went up the chain, I was told sorry 15 day
    and did you root your phone. They want to send me another, promising that it will be new, on 5.0.1 and that it will
    ota update within 2 days to 5.1.1. I don't believe any of them. Anyone have any solutions? I don't trust them,
    because they have lied to me ( I have been told different things from 4 different chatters) and assumed that I broke
    the phone. I did a hard reset, then rebooted to factory, but still no result. Verizon tried another sim card as well.
    I have a $700 brick. I figure that if they had problems with the 5.0.1 in November, December, January and May,
    then it will continue to break. Any ideas?

    Update.. On wifi today the new 5.1 update mysteriously came, phone got hot, but updated. Still cant call out, but maybe sim card
    need replacement. Will go to Verizon tomorrow and see what happens.

    Update. After 1 hour, Verizon and external techs over phone finally got a sim card to get it working. I had 30 unread text messages and a ton of updates pour in. All worked well for about 1.5 hrs. then it stopped again. I tried changing it to airplane mode, no result. Then I went into cellular networks and changed it to Global from LTE cdma. I am on verizon.. It has worked well since then... thats about two days... tick tick tick.
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    Ack good luck. You are way patient.

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