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Ange724-Pittsburgh PA Bought this cell, like new from my son. My 1st non-flip cell! Love all the conveniences...directions, net, email. I hate all the updates! Everything changes. I chatted with a Google online a few days ago, she couldn't help.---Weird Google made this phone and/or sold it, right? Oh well that's why I'm here!

1st-Is there a way to change the direction you swipe? It was always left-right, now it's up/down. I have tendonitis, etc too hard to swipe up.
2cd-I could always upload pics for a website review. They only allow 500 x 680 px & JPEG, GIF, or PNG (8MB max). I don't know if I switched settings or it was an update. Not savvy enough to change sizes & know the difference? Please help.

Examples: This was allowed-2.73 MB 3200 x 2400 jpeg.

This says error image upload- 76.1 KB 512 x 512 jpeg- I cropped, tried changing image size, still won't
allow upload. Obviously I don't know what I'm doing.
Thanks, ange724