Does anyone know where I can get a *reliably* OEM Charging Port Board for the Nexus 6P? Mine is about 2yrs old (so obviously out of warranty, and it'll charge ONLY when I tweak the angle of the charger cable prong just right. I ordered a supposedly-OEM board from eBay and upon inspection it didn't even remotely match the OEM board in my phone. Once installed, it would *not* charge at all via the original charger (dual USB-C), and would only slow-charge via the USB-A to USB-C cable. Ubreakifix claims they can they order the guaranteed OEM part but they only will do it if I outsource the replacement work to them ($100). Anyone had any luck getting the actual Huawei board with the charger port online (and not shipped from China -- I'm in Northern California, if that helps).