I think I've solved an annoying network connectivity issue that appeared as soon as the OTA upgrade to Lollipop. No matter what I did, my network went offline several times a day. My Nexus went offline and would give me "authentication" or "saved" messages. The only way the Nexus, wireless Roku and Netflix would not re-connect was if i rebooted my modem and router; and it would not last more than minutes or a couple of hours, if I was lucky.

Then , as luck would have it, I spent a couple of days away from home (using another network) and all the annoying network dropouts I'd been experiencing with Lollipop disappeared. My nexus stayed online for 48 hours straight. Not one dropout. This, after days of clearing caches, turning on-off, changing channels, rebooting modem and router et.al.

It wasn't lollipop but my router, my very old: Linksys WRT54G.

Determined to invest in a new one, I spent several hours copying its settings page-by-page and came across QoS (Quality of Service).

What was that? I wondered. A bit of research on what it does and I thought: "can't hurt." So I enabled wired upstream bandwidth (auto) and wireless WMM support (left "no acknowledgement" disabled).

That was 24 hours ago. Since then not one dropout. Everything's working as it should. Nexus is online, wireless roku which was limping along, buffering on some channels every few minutes, is streaming like a champ.