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I got a Caseen Vibe Long stylus from the kind guys at Caseen, and I have to say that it's displaced the 3M stylus as the best capacitive screen stylus I've used. Its fabric ball tip looks a little odd at first (and don't push it against Velcro), but is definitely firm and keeps its shape, and works wonderfully on the screen, enabling finer lines and a lighter touch than any other tip I've tried. The ball shape also allows me to hold the stylus at a shallow angle. Its only vice as far as I'm concerned is that it doesn't have a ballpoint pen attached, so I'm probably going to try to hack some crazy spatchcock solution and jam it into a pen barrel, but for rapid, smooth, error-free writing and marking on touchscreens, you couldn't do better.
Glad you like it! Why not give it a number rating, and compare it to the other stylus you have ;].

I am very pleased with this result, and I knew you knew your stylus very well. Enjoy!

Thanks for the remarks about our caseen | VIBE L Extra Long Stylus (Black) for Capacitive Touch Screens