Two Perixx Bluetooth Keyboard Reviews
One folding and Portable. The other larger with a mousepad: Photos show the two side-by-side

Folding and portable Bluetooth keyboard Perixx 805L
Perixx PERIBOARD-805L, Bluetooth Folding Keyboard $34.99 Perixx PERIBOARD-805L, Bluetooth Folding Keyboard - Support Android 4.4 KitKat - Large Desktop Size Keys - Magnetic Foldable Design - 6.30"x3.78"x0.67" Pocket Size - US English Layout: Electronics

When typing, the keyboard lays flat at 12.5 by 3.75. Folding in half, it stores away at 6.25 by 3.75, weighing less than a pound. It's well-made and sturdy, staying in my friend's inside jacket pocket wherever he goes along with his Nexus 7 My friend sends out a lot of emails, hates on-screen typing, so the keyboard gets a lot of use. Mine stays in my shoulder bag for more extensive typing on the go.

It has relatively flat scissor-type keys, ones that produce less errors than its taller cousins. The keys are fairly large, that is as large as a folding keyboard will allow, and take up the entire keyboard. I find it comfortable to use and appreciate the effort to use keys with some girth. The spacebar is divided into two sections along the fold, thank goodness there are two. There's no latch to keep the keyboard from folding so you need to type on a flat surface or a magazine etc. It has a windows key and function keys accessible via FN + number keys but just allows basic typing in Android. Hands down the best folding keyboard for Android.

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Larger rectangular Bluetooth Keyboard with a mousepad Perixx Periduo-880 Bluetooth Keyboard
Perixx PERIDUO-880, Bluetooth Keyboard with Touchpad $49.99 Perixx PERIDUO-880, Bluetooth Keyboard with Touchpad - Compatible with Windows and Android OS - Multi-touch Support with Windows 7 and 8 - Portable Cover with built-in Stand for Tablet and Smart Phone User: Electronics
Opening disclosure: I received this keyboard as an evaluation product.

The Periduo-880 Bluetooth Keyboard measures 7.5 by 10.5, about .25 thick--about the size of a very thin ten inch tablet. The Periduo-880 will fit in a tablet sleeve or case and of course at home. It's a good compromise between a full-sized bluetooth keyboard, try taking one that big on the road, and a portable folding one. It looks very much like a laptop keyboard with a mousepad, function keys, arrow keys, a nearly full-sized recessed keyboard and a thin cover that doubles as a fold-up stand. I typed the first part of this review on my Nexus 7 2013 in its Moko case in landscape., followed by the second part on my Samsung Galaxy S3 phone It's notable that the foldable cover/stand can easily support the weight of a Nexus 7 in a case as opposed to most other covers that convert into ineffectual stands.

The keyboard section is recessed below the mouse pad, making the keys level across the design, one that produces less typing errors than its taller key cousins. The shift, enter, backspace and space keys are nearly full-sized, unlike many keyboards with miniature keys. The delete, arrow keys as well as the function keys are on the small side but better those than tab, caps lock etc.

It has a standard mousepad, (3.5 by 2) divided into left and right click. I found the mousepad to be useful in Android, for both spell-checking and menus.

Overall it's a great keyboard and a pleasure to use but obviously won't fit in your jacket pocket or small carrying bag.

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