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    car charger recommendation, please

    With my mains charger that came with my nexus 7 I can have the GPS on with maximum screen brightness and it still charges. Using a 1amp car charger although it showed "charging" it was not keeping up with demand so the battery would eventually run out. So I bought a 2amp car charger which improved the situation but still did not keep up with the demand. Although it was rated at 2amp it obviously was not delivering any where near the charge of the 2amp mains charger.
    Can you please recommend a car charger that actually charges at the required rate. Thanks.


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    I use the Amazon Basics one (here from the French site - but they have them in all regions Amazon Basics Car Charger ).
    The only annoying thing can be the bright blue light at night ... quickly fixed with a bit of electrical tape !

    But you might also want to check the cables you are using - some of them will not allow the full 2 amps to flow.

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