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    Nexus 7 NFC Problems

    I have just purchased 5 Nexus 7's and expected to utilize them with NFC tags. I am testing today and find that my nexus 6 with a case on it has no problem reading the NFC tag but the Nexus 7, with no case, reads "Occasionally", and when I say occasionally I mean I have gotten it to work 2 times and haven't been able to make it connect since.

    I have googled and see some problems over the months and years. I just upgraded all the Nexus 7's to 5.1 OTA. They are all wireless 2013's. My research does not indicate a fix...or even any acknowledgement of this NFC not working as an issue.

    I have tried most of the suggestions in "Tuning the Nexus 7" with 5.0. I have not rolled these units out yet so I could in theory do a factory reset if that would help...any suggestions are appreciated.


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    Hi Francis - and welcome to the forum!

    Do you feel comfortable flashing a factory image on one of the Nexus 7s - I'd suggest trying it with a clean from scratch install of 5.1

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    It will make a big difference where the NFC chip is located in the N7. You probably have to be very careful about where you 'swipe' the tag. Try directly in the center of the X in nexus.

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    Welcome to the site. Hope you are able to get this resolved.

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