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    probs with headphones and volume?

    hi guys. Ive heard nothing but how their Nexus 7 has limited volume or does not work with headphones etc etc..... mine was fine until lately when I tried my headset ...half sound from only one ear piece ....the solution, actually made the tablet perform faster and is better now than when I purchased it...

    I do not advise this if still under warranty, but if you switch off and take the back off you may see areas around the speakers that have copper residue. The speakers top and bottom need insulating tape applied an area of 25mm x 8mm either side of the charging port close to the edge of the carcass of the set itself. Make sure you leave at least a 10mm slit for the speakers to coincide with the back of the set.
    There were some other areas I noticed too that were not fully insulated but do NOT tape up any of the 2 main copper fields. Its just an insulation tape fix that does actually work.
    My Nexus is performing much better than I thought possible, absolutely fabulous with no earphone or sound problems at all. I did not invent this fix the applauds belong to someone else who ever he is , but its pure genius.

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    Thanks for sharing that tip with us!

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