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    Nex 7 (2013) Won't Play Video Files

    Hi All,

    I have a Nexus 7 (2013) for many years i've played video files using MX Player or USB Media Explorer without a problem .avi .mp4 .mpe4 .mkv .wma. etc.

    For some reason MX Player no longer sees the (OTG connected) Flash drive at all.
    For some reason USB Media Explorer says it cant find the files needed to play.
    I have deleted both and re-installed, no change.

    Thinking it was an Android version problem I upgraded to 6.0.1. But they still wont play.

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks Al

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    So all of these media files you want to play are on an external drive? Maybe the USB port has problems... can you play media files on the device without going thru the OTG connection?

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