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    New Nexus 7 (bought yesterday) unusable??

    Yesterday I bought a tablet. Was going to pick the nexus 7 original version, but the woman at the store told me all about the brand new one so i HADDDDD to go get it (Sarcasm). Anyways, I bought it, brought it home. It worked perfectly. I was on it on and off until about 3 in the morning and then I ended up falling asleep. I don't move whenIm sleeping. The tablet was a couple feet away on the bed and nothing could have happened to it. I woke up this morning, picked it up and unlocked the screen and the same notification pops up as soon as i clsoe it out. It continually says "Launcher has stopped" or occasionally it will say something ".acore" couldnt work in some way. The notifications are literally there the whole time, so much so that the tablet is unusable. I bought this thing yesterday?!? I couldn't have possibly done anything wrong to it. If I have to send it to the warranty place (hah. 2 year warranty and i bought it yetserday) I'm gunna be so upset. I'm 15 and bought this thing with my own money from my first job and this is not good.
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    tried restarting it?

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    A reset might help. Maybe a bad update on an app.

    Also, if purchased yesterday you should be able to get an exchange on the spot.
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    I would just take it back and request an exchange. One day? Not good.

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    <y dad bought his and screen would flicker when playing you tube video. Exchanged and it works fine now. It happens and if a reboot or factory reset does not work, you can exchange it. Also register this unit or the exchanged unit, on Asus website..

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