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    After a Very Long Time, ADW Launcher Updated

    ADW Launcher Update

    The last time we brought you news about ADW Launcher, it was April 2011, when ADW Launcher 2 was in beta. Overall, it has been quite some time since ADW received an update. And for many, it slipped into obscurity. ADW Launcher is now back with a giant update that not only brings it up to date with the latest Android releases, but it also adds a number of new features.

    According to the app’s Google Play Store page, the features include:
    -It’s compatible with android versions from 1.6 to 4.1!
    -It’s highly customizable, almost in every aspect you can think of.
    -Thousands of skins and themes with support for most popular launcher themes!
    -Mix and match your skins, icons, docks, folders, etc
    -Configure your applications in unlimited groups and hide unwanted apps.
    -Fast setup screen with fast access to add items or configure everything.
    -Gestures for fast operation (swipe up/down, 2-fingers swipe up/down, pinch in/out, etc)
    -Configurable Actionbar, similar to android 3.x+ tablet interface.
    -Screens editor to add,remove, swap and resize your desktop screens.
    -Configurable visual desktop indicators.
    -Easy folder tweaking and management, content previews, arrangement, colors, etc.
    -New AppWidget picker for devices running Android 4.1 and newer.
    -Icons editor to create your own customized shortcuts or edit existing ones
    -AppWidget resizing
    -AppWidget backup/restore (only for android 4.1 and newer)
    -Customizable applications dock with support for unlimited shortcuts with paginated scroll.
    -Lots of settings to play with: texts, colours, animations, sizes… you should dig in!

    Essentially, that’s the usual gigantic list that everyone is used to out of ADW. Unfortunately, there are some bugs. Users are reporting that the update is unstable with many graphical bugs. They will likely be fixed in coming updates. The important thing is, ADW is back. Also, take note of the newest version number. No subliminal messages there.

    For more details, check out the ADW@Google Play

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    I still have adw on my Nexus one. Got the update several days back. Got dizzied with the settings but they work quite well. Got another update yesterday
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    i too noticed the back to back updates. I get occasional glitches, like my homescreens being empty. A reboot fixes this, but it's annoying. This is on my Atrix, running Neutrino, so it may be related to that. I may or may not use it on the Nexus, depends on how long it takes me to get bored with the stock UI
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